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March 27, 2014, by , under SUP, Gear Guide

The most stable “do-anything” board for any size paddler of any skill level.

Designed for all-around cruising, exploring, learning the basics and riding small waves, it features an extra wide outline throughout the nose, mid-section and tail for phenomenal stability.

The recessed deck, full rails, squared tail and well-balanced design add further stability and give it a huge sweet spot whether the rider is paddling in a straight line, pivot turning or standing still.

The quad-concave bottom design channels the water from nose to tail for unbelievable straight-line gliding for a board of its length.  Using cutting edge, molded technology, the Odysseus is incredibly durable and lightweight, making it truly one of a kind.

If you are looking for a Second Hand SUP or Used Stand Up Paddle Board check out the Gear360 listing page.

Length: 9’8″ – 296.6 cm
Width 34″ – 86.4 cm
Thickness 4 7/8″ – 12.4 cm
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